Enjoy Unique Pokies Action on Aristocrat’s Bunny’s Rabbits Game

Bunny’s Rabbits is actually one of the lesser known Aristocrat pokies out there although we’re sure that plenty of our dedicated players will have checked it out over the years. It has definitely been around for a while and holds the title for being perhaps the most unusual Aristocrat game ever, given the fantasy theme and the particularly unique betting options. It’s one of those games that has stayed the same since release, so on the plus side, you’ll be well aware of how the action works if you’ve played it already, and all of our great online alternatives will be absolutely ideal. We’ve focused on all of the key elements of the action, from the layout to the theme – and with appearances from a diverse cast of characters from dragons and knights to cats and of course rabbits, we’ve had plenty to work with!

Bunny's Rabbits pokie

As always, the reasoning behind even needing online alternatives is clear. Many of Aristocrat’s top games have been converted for online play and Bunny’s Rabbits ranks among them. Unfortunately, while it is available in all of its glory, we aren’t able to play it here in Australia due to licensing restrictions. All is certainly not lost though as this game is definitely popular enough to deserve its very own feature here on the site – and this is it! It goes without saying that you’ll find much better value by playing online than through heading to the casino, but we’ll cover that in full detail later in the feature. Before we get there, let’s take a look at all of the outstanding features, options and bonuses that Bunny’s Rabbits has to offer!

How to Play Bunny’s Rabbits

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Bunny’s Rabbits before then the chances are that your first look may take you somewhat by surprise. Aristocrat fans are used to an almost exclusive selection of five reel, three row pokies with a reasonably standard selection of win lines. That’s not the case here, as there are only four reels and the rows have been upped to four, with a net result of the poker machine effectively being a square. Even more unique is the fact that you’re not technically playing on reels. That would suggest that the symbols will always land in the same order, but here the symbols spin on their own, so you can actually end up seeing the same symbol on every single part of the board.

The win lines could be considered to be limited too, with ten available. They’re fully adjustable, meaning that you can opt for just one or basically anything in between. However, given the way that the symbols work on this one, you’ll want to stick with all ten wherever possible. If you’re a high roller, you don’t need to miss out on big bets either as up to $5 can be staked on each of the lines, making for a decent maximum bet and the prize returns to match.

Features and Bonuses on Bunny’s Rabbits

The unique way in which the reels work could almost be considered a feature in its own right, but Aristocrat could never be accused of putting all of its eggs in one basket with the extras and you’ll find plenty more to enhance your wins as you make your way through this game. For starters, you’ll be particularly keen on spinning in the starring rabbit, as he can be the key to some spectacular wins given the fact that he’s a wild card. Remember, that symbol could appear on all sixteen symbol areas at once, making for some truly outstanding prizes no matter your stake.

That’s not all that there is to look forward to either, as Bunny’s Rabbits includes one of the most accessible free spins rounds ever seen. You might be used to having to spin in three scatters in order to grab your free games, but here you only need to land a single rose – that’s right, one solitary symbol will award a bonus! There’s up to 25 spins on offer in the round and that’s not all, as the feature round sees the witch come into play. She may fly across the reels at random and when she does so, her magic turns all feature symbols like dragons and knights into rabbits and that can mean only one thing – even more wild cards! That would be a great feature on its own, but these wilds are sticky, so that symbol will remain wild for the rest of your spins!

Playing Bunny’s Rabbits Online

As we touched on in the introduction, if you want to play the authentic, original version of Bunny’s Rabbits then you’ll have to stick to the clubs and casinos. However, that simply isn’t convenient a lot of the time, and so we’re here to show you how to get a similar experience online. The games featured within the side bar of this page have all been handpicked for capturing the theme, gameplay and feature action of Bunny’s Rabbits and the best part is that they are all available online in Australia, meaning that you can start playing straight away!

There’s much more to playing our Bunny’s Rabbits alternatives online than just convenience too. If you’ve never played at the recommended casinos that go with each game before, then you’ll be in line for a healthy welcome bonus on your first visit, which generally offers double your deposit or even more. That extra cash can go a long way to swinging the odds in your favour, but you’ll be pleased to know that the odds are already in your favour compared to land based pokies, with guaranteed pay out rates that are at least 10% higher than what you might be used to. Throw in more bonuses, comp points and more, and you’ll instantly see why playing online can be the best decision for your bankroll that you ever made! Check the games out at the recommended casinos today to start that winning streak in style, all with the Bunny’s Rabbits atmosphere on hand.

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