Try Aquatic Action with Familiar Gameplay on Dolphin Treasure

We can kick off our Dolphin Treasure coverage by saying that it is an absolute cracker of a game and features some of the very best action that Aristocrat has ever brought to the table. It continues to be one of the most popular games in the clubs and casinos of Australia and that will come as no surprise to anyone that has ever played it. The game is arguably as close to a “standard” poker machine that you could ever hope to find, as it crams a fun theme and some traditional gameplay on to the reels. This also goes a long way to explaining exactly why it is so popular – if you’ve played just about any one of the dozens of Aristocrat pokies, then you’ll be ready to go on this one in no time.

Dolphin Treasure pokie

You can always tell when an Aristocrat game has a loyal following, as it will be picked by the company’s online division for conversion for online casinos. Sadly, even if a game has this honour, it still won’t be available to us Aussies as there’s a blanket ban on accessing the games in this country that the casinos are forced to stick to – otherwise they lose the games altogether. The fairness of this could be debated for ages, but rather than complain, we’ve taken action. After all, Aristocrat pokies might be blocked here, but the same certainly doesn’t apply to games from the likes of Net Entertainment and Microgaming, who rank up there as some of the biggest online developers around. They are also responsible for a selection of pokies that are incredibly similar to Dolphin Treasure and find a place among our recommended alternatives – although more on those later. First, let’s see exactly why Dolphin Treasure is such a hit!

How to Play Dolphin Treasure

Much of the glory of Dolphin Treasure lies in the simplicity of the gameplay. We know that some players like their video pokies to be really advanced and breath taking, but just as many like the simplicity that goes with dropping in some cash, spinning the reels and winning a prize. When it comes to getting started on this one, the most difficult decision is simply how many bet lines you want to play for, and how much you want to stake on each. The important thing, especially if you’re just starting out, is to pick a combination that means you won’t have to walk away before a bonus feature has a chance to hit. If you’ve got $10 in your pocket then ten lines at a dollar each is one way to lose the lot!

You’ll probably already have a strategy in mind for the pokies so we won’t go into too much detail on how to make the most of the options, other than to say your best bet is almost always to cover as many win lines as possible – preferably all twenty. That makes for the best value and if you’re looking into online alternatives to Dolphin Treasure then we know that value plays a real part in your calculations!

Features and Bonuses on Dolphin Treasure

The gameplay is not the only part of Dolphin Treasure that ensures that players will be familiar with the game even on their first go, as the poker machine also includes some of the more standard Aristocrat bonus features. The title character often plays a starring role for example and here, the dolphin on a sunset background will help you along, often on multiple win lines, by acting as a wild card. The other symbol that you’ll want to be on the lookout for is the treasure chest, which is perhaps the most appropriate symbol on the game given that it is your gateway to the biggest and best prizes. Three or more in view award fifteen free spins, and there’s no better way of coming away with a big prize than when you don’t even have to risk your own cash!

These features are pretty standard, but there’s even more to it as Dolphin Treasure is one of only a handful of Aristocrat pokies to include a gamble feature. As you’d expect, this allows you to put your prize on the line in a second screen round and becomes available whenever you land a win, no matter how big or small. The outcome is a fifty-fifty chance, but if a prize hasn’t quite hit the sweet spot and you don’t mind risking it, then it’s always a good thing to have the option to bump it up a little!

Playing Dolphin Treasure Online

Players in many other countries are in the privileged position of being able to play Dolphin Treasure in full online, and the game is absolutely identical to the one we’ve been playing for years in the clubs. That same privilege isn’t extended to Aussie players, so we have to look elsewhere if we want the convenience of online access. Fortunately, plenty of other developers have taken a leaf out of Aristocrat’s book for features, bonuses and gameplay, not to mention the underwater theme, and there’s no shortage of potential online alternatives. We’ve narrowed the selection down to what we believe to be the best of the best and you need look no further as they’re all listed down the side of this very page!

We’ve not just selected the best games either – we’ve also chosen the best places to play. These recommended casinos have plenty going for them, not least the fact that they’re happy to accept Aussie players and even offer local currencies and customised support. There’s also the major fact that the combination of bonuses and pay out percentages at these casinos far exceed any of the land based options here in the country, so while you might not be playing Dolphin Treasure exactly, you’ll hardly miss it at all and will have an even better chance of winning!

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