Try Bold Asian Poker Machine Action on Imperial House

With so many different Aristocrat pokies out there that make use of an Oriental theme, it is fair to assume that some won’t be quite as popular as others. The flagships of the range are undoubtedly 5 Dragons and Choy Sun Doa and while they are legendary, one of the lesser known games is Imperial House. That certainly isn’t a reflection on the quality of the game, as it is a fun, potentially lucrative game that packs in plenty of great features. It also joins Choy Sun Doa in the Reel Power range, so fans of that series were sure to have a great time on this one.

Imperial House pokie

Of course, just because a game isn’t as popular as Choy Sun Doa doesn’t at all mean that is doesn’t have its fans. Indeed, the best way to measure the popularity of any Aristocrat poker machine is to see whether it has been released online and Imperial House certainly has. It is available in all of its real money glory to players around the world, but crucially not to us fans in Aristocrat’s home market of Australia. That means that just like every other game, whether it is available online or not, we’re left to seek out the best online alternatives instead and we’ve done just that. There are many notable aspects of the game, not least the theme and betting options, and we’ve combined that with our extensive knowledge of online gaming to put together a selection of online pokies that are absolutely perfect. We’ll go on to cover exactly why you should play these games later in the feature, but let’s see what allows Imperial House to stand out as a quality game in arguably the most competitive game theme around.

How to Play Imperial House

If you’ve played a Reel Power poker machine before then you can pretty much skip this section as you’ll already know exactly how to place your bets – one hallmark of the series is that the options simply don’t change! If not, then you’re in for a treat as the series represents some of the most extensive betting options that Aristocrat fans could ever hope to find. The game is played over 243 ways and the overall result of that is any adjacent symbols will almost certainly match up to make a prize, even if they’re not touching. To the uninitiated, this could sound expensive as you may be worried that you need to play 243 coins. Fortunately, you activate reels instead of lines, and each reel costs five coins. You could only opt for four, although with a maximum win of four in a row, that’s hardly worth it so you can head into this game knowing that you’ll want to spend at least 25 cents on each spin.

Features and Bonuses on Imperial House

As far as we’re concerned, extensive betting options require extensive features to back them up, and Aristocrat isn’t the kind of company that will let anyone down in this regard! Imperial House features a nice mix of the tried and tested and some unique additions, with the overall result being truly decent prizes.

There is of course a wild symbol in play and it will appear with noticeable regularity. Wilds are always a handy addition on Reel Power pokies as they’ll almost always bring at least two different ‘lines’ into play, which can’t always be said of games that use a more standard betting layout. There are also free spins to be won in the standard manner, meaning three scatters in view, and you could be forgiven at first glance for thinking that they’re a little on the low side, with eight on offer. However, it is actually a little more complex than you might be used to and that is all down to the positioned wild card. In effect, you have another wild card to play with and you can place it anywhere you like on the reels. The twist is that you’ll also receive a multiplier, and the riskier the wild placement, the better the multiplier will be. For example, sticking it on the first reel in the middle will result in plenty more wins. However, the game knows that and you won’t receive any kind of multiplier at all for doing so. Stick it on the fifth reel, however, and it may not come into play as often but when it does, those prizes will be absolutely massive! You’ll want to experiment with the placement to see which of the options works out best for you, but once you’ve cracked it, you’ll know where to place it on every game, ensuring plenty of profits!

Playing Imperial House Online

The wild placement feature is pretty unique among Aristocrat games, although there are several online pokies that allow you to do something similar. Most of those games also offer significantly more than eight free spins, which immediately makes things even better. We’ve used the unique feature based action as a major influence for which pokies we’ve chosen to recommend and you can find them down the side of this page. We’ve also recommended specific casinos, and they are more important to the overall package than you might think.

The featured operators pass all of the tests when it comes to safety and security, but that’s certainly not all. They have also been chosen specifically for Aussie players – not only are they some of the biggest and best gaming brands in the world, but they also offer significant extras such as support for Aussie dollars and the country’s most popular payment methods. They also offer much bigger potential returns than you’ll be accustomed to at the local casino thanks to lower overheads. When you throw in VIP schemes and loyalty rewards, they make for a truly outstanding gaming experience and represent the best places to play any of our featured Imperial House alternatives.

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