Enjoy Movie Themed Action on Aristocrat’s Jaws Poker Machine

You may well have seen Jaws at the club or casino before, but if not, then rest assured that it’s not just a hit movie but also a hit game. Aristocrat only rarely sets foot in licensed pokie territory, but when they do, you can be sure of a cracking game with plenty going for it. This one is particularly unique as it’s something of a crossover between a licensed title and an Aristocrat original. The poker hand symbols are in play, for example, and they haven’t changed at all from what you’ll be used to from virtually every other Aristocrat game. This time, however, they’re joined by themed icons such as the shark, surfer and buoy, and our personal favourite, the “Beach Closed” sign.

Jaws pokie

For a slightly updated version of the game, there’s also Jaws – Night Hunter which is technically a sequel but can often be found alongside the original in casinos and they’re actually pretty similar. As neither game is currently available online and they share so much in common, we’ve opted to combine both into a single feature as all of the alternatives that we have to offer definitely apply to both. Whatever it is that makes Jaws such a standout poker machine for you, whether that’s the movie theme or the classic gameplay, we’ve got some great titles that more than measure up to the original action and if you can’t wait to play, then you’ll find them in the sidebar right now. Alternatively, if you want to see exactly what we think about the game and pick up a few tips on how to get the best out of the action next time you come across the game, then read on for our full and detailed coverage.

How to Play Jaws

You can tell from the fact that the game incorporates the poker machine symbols that while this is clearly a title with plenty of inspiration from the movie, Aristocrat has opted to mix up those extras with some of its more traditional gameplay. Indeed, the game is laid out across the truly conventional five reel board, and offers a choice of win lines that cap out at 25. You don’t have to play across all of them, but if you cut the number down, each spin might cost less but you may well miss out on some large potential prizes – and there’s nothing worse than seeing five symbols in a row on an inactive win line!

As is almost always the case with Aristocrat’s more recent titles, the betting options are about as extensive as you could hope for. If you’re a casual player then you can get started on the game with as little as a cent on each line. If you’re a high roller that means serious business and wants to take down a massive prize then you can do that too, with $5 bets on each line another possibility, making for more than a hundred dollars per spin and breath-taking prizes to match. As a side note, if you’re going to be placing bets of that magnitude then we’d definitely suggest getting better value online and we’ll come on to that straight after the features and bonuses that Jaws has to offer.

Features and Bonuses on Jaws

Aristocrat hasn’t strayed too far from tradition with betting options and visuals and the same can be said about the features, which consist of the regular wilds and scatters, plus an additional bonus game. There are no prizes for guessing who represents that wild card, as Jaws himself as the title character gets that important job. He becomes even more important during the bonus game and that holds few surprises either, as three scatters launch free spins. They continue to be the most lucrative part of any online or land based Aristocrat game and they’re yet another reason why you should be playing for the maximum number of spins – it’s all about the value!

Playing Jaws Online

Speaking of value, we’re at the part of the feature where we look at the reasons for playing online. First of all, one very good reason is that neither Jaws nor Jaws – Night Hunter are available for online play, and that doesn’t just go for Australia either. Secondly, poker machine gaming has moved on somewhat from the traditional activity of inserting credits and hoping to win a prize. Indeed, it can be a lot better than just hope when you play online, as the best casinos will make it a lot harder to lose. They achieve this in various ways, including offering extra cash for each deposit that you make and by upping the pay-out rates on their games. In practice, Jaws usually offers about 80% back to players over time. Our recommended alternatives, as featured down the side of the page, are all in the high nineties no matter which of the featured casinos you choose to play at.

So, that’s the reasoning behind playing online in general, but you might want to know why we’ve chosen the games that we have. As with all of the popular Aristocrat pokies, we’ve played the game extensively and decided exactly which parts of the action appeal to us. In this case, we enjoy the movie theme and the classic gameplay, so we’ve looked for movie themes and classic gameplay among our featured alternatives! They’re all quality games and each one comes close to replicating all of the excitement of playing Jaws or Night Hunter, so head over to the featured casinos and check them out for yourself!

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