Classic Aristocrat Action with a Fun Theme on Aristocrat’s Lucky Count

When it comes to Aristocrat, some of their games are deadly serious while others prefer to focus on the more fun aspects of pokie gaming. Lucky Count falls firmly in the latter category, so if you were expecting a Transylvanian fright then this isn’t the game that’s going to provide it! What it will offer, however, is the chance to enjoy some truly cracking Aristocrat action that doesn’t veer too far from the tried and tested that has made them a solid favourite among players for a number of years. From the betting options to the features, there’s nothing particularly innovative here, but if you want good, solid action then you need look no further.

Lucky Count pokie

The theme and action clearly appealed to a significant number of players over the years as Lucky Count holds the accolade of being part of the company’s very own online selection. Of course, that’s no great help to us here in Australia as the licensing restrictions mean that the game cannot be accessed. In some ways, that’s a blessing in disguise though and you certainly don’t need to head to the club to get your fill of poker machine action. Instead, you’ll want to check out our carefully selected online alternatives, which can be found right here on this page. Not only do they bring the Lucky Count atmosphere to online players, but they also offer higher returns and all of the benefits of playing online, such as bonuses, rewards and more. We’ll discuss that in more detail later in the feature, but first, let’s see why Lucky Count continues to be an absolute smash hit!

How to Play Lucky Count

You definitely won’t need to stray too far from your comfort zone when it comes to setting up Lucky Count ready for action. In our experience, the most popular combination of win lines across Aristocrat’s classic games is 25 and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. That means that if you’re used to the likes of Queen of the Nile, then you can pretty much copy your strategy exactly and put it to work here. The game is also perfect for absolutely any bankroll too, as one coin is needed for each line and that coin can be worth anything from a cent up to $4. You certainly don’t see many people playing for $100 per spin but the option is there and the prizes naturally measure up perfectly to your stake.

The only thing that you really need to keep an eye on when playing Lucky Count, especially the land based version, is that some versions of the game use credits rather than cash amounts, so make sure you can do the conversion quickly to keep track of whether you’re up or down!

Features and Bonuses on Lucky Count

The betting options are simple to get to grips with and so are the features, although they’re by no means boring. For starters, you often see a wild card on Aristocrat pokies but you rarely see two, although that’s exactly what you’ll find here, just like on Sun and Moon. The bat is the main wild, and undoubtedly the one that you’ll be seeing more of as you progress through the game. It is joined by the vampire in his human form and while he is rarer, he is far more important as he’s also a multiplier. The unique twist here is that rather than just multiply prizes, he’ll even multiply himself. That might sound confusing but it’s actually incredibly simple. One vampire wild in a winning combination will multiply the value of the prize by three, but two on a single win line will apply a stunning nine times multiplier, making it one of the biggest such boosts that you’ll find in the clubs of Australia.

Spectacular as that is, it’s certainly not all that the game has to offer for bonus hunters and as you’d expect, there are also free spins. The haunted castle scatter is the key and while you may be used to ten or fifteen free spins as your reward for spinning them in, Lucky Count takes things much further with up to forty free spins available. As if that was not enough, the same combinations of scatters during the bonus round will bump the total number of spins up even further, meaning that you can be playing for ages and picking up prizes without spending a thing.

Playing Lucky Count Online

As mentioned, Lucky Count is available online at the casinos that always carry Aristocrat games. Those casinos have several things in common with each other, but the most crucial part is that all such games are blocked here. That is the main driving factor behind us picking out the best online alternatives, although certainly not the only reason. There are a number of reasons why playing online has the beating of heading to the casino and it’s not just the convenience.

Our chosen casino recommendations, which accompany each game in the sidebar, have been chosen not only based on the basics, like the security of your cash, but also because you have a far better chance of winning. If you’re playing the pokies, you should be playing to win, and anything that makes that easier is certainly alright by us. You’ll achieve this in a number of ways and it all starts with the way the games work. They’re programmed to pay out more of what they take in than any land based pokies, meaning a significantly higher chance of winning. When you throw in bonuses and loyalty rewards, there’s no question that you should be playing online, and our featured games and casinos are all absolutely perfect places to get the journey underway!

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