City Tattersalls – Hundreds of Land Based Pokies and Much More

One thing that Aussie casinos are known for around the world is the diversity of gaming experiences. If you want bright lights, glitz and glamour then casinos like the Star and Crown venues are what it’s all about, but if you’re looking for something a little more intimate then there’s no shortage of such action up and down the country either. City Tattersalls is just such a venue and the differences become apparent pretty much as soon as you visit. In fairness, the Star Sydney is the dominant casino in the city and takes care of the high rollers. This casino is simply a part of an entertainment area that caters to more local players with a traditional Aussie style. It may be smaller, but it definitely has its fans, with us firmly among them and more than deserves a place among our land based casino features. Read on to see exactly what makes the casino special, not to mention your best bets in order to receive an equally intimate gaming experience online for those times when you simply cannot make it to the casino itself.

What to Expect at City Tattersalls

We’ve already established that the City Tattersalls experience is somewhat different to the norm, but with the Star filling the role of the more standard offering, this gives Tattersalls the opportunity to experiment a little more. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the casino is that it is more like a larger scale pokies club than a proper casino, as you won’t find a single table game within the venue. Instead, it’s all about the machines, with more than four hundred cabinets in rotation at any one time. The gaming floor covers more than four thousand square feet, and every inch is packed with an eclectic mix of the latest releases and the all-time classics from Aristocrat and Ainsworth that players know and love. As noted, the casino is particularly outstanding for players that want great quality entertainment, as it is flanked by all sorts of bars, restaurants and more, but the casino element is dedicated solely and wholly to the best electronic gaming around.

City Tattersalls: The Best Bits

City Tattersalls is as much a club as a casino, and that means that you’ll need to grab a certain membership depending on exactly what you’re looking to achieve out of the facilities. There are fitness clubs, fine dining restaurants and much more and you’ll need at least a social membership in order to get your foot in the door, which costs $30 annually. Up that to a gold or silver membership and you can then join the fitness centre if you’re so inclined, which will set you back a further $800 per year. That is of course entirely optional and if you’re more concerned with the reels than muscles then a cheap membership will be more than enough to get you playing. Membership does come with its own perks of course, including various discounts and promotions that encompass everything that the club has to offer.

As far as the gaming goes, there is not much more to say other than the venue is all about the pokies and if you want a pokies club experience with all of the service, luxury and comfort of a high class casino then that is definitely what you’ll find here at the casino. The fact that the local casino competition offers pokies running into the thousands means that City Tattersalls focuses on quality over quantity, and if you’re into the most popular games of recent years then you simply cannot go wrong here.

Get the Experience Online

The very best advice that we could possibly give any player looking to recreate the City Tattersalls experience online is to be on board with a casino that offers just as many pokies. There are no online fitness clubs or luxury restaurants, as convenient as that would be, so you simply want a great choice of games in an equally luxurious and enjoyable atmosphere.

To all intents and purposes, your very best bet in this regard is to play at a casino that offers a wide and varied selection of pokies. Some of our recommended brands, such as All Slots, rely on a single developer in order to bring their games to players – in that particular case that developer is Microgaming. However, if you opt for an online casino such as Mr Green, then you can enjoy not only Microgaming pokies, but also titles from Net Entertainment and many more, all using a single account. In essence, if the games are the most important thing about the City Tattersalls experience to you, then the quality and diversity of Mr Green makes it the very best possible choice for players.

Summing it Up: City Tattersalls

For many players, even those that are based in Sydney, City Tattersalls is something of a hidden gem and the fact that you need a paid membership to even get through the door makes it noticeably exclusive. Unlike the other casinos featured here at AUCasinos, the gaming action is just a part of the experience rather than a focal point. However, if you enjoy a variety of entertainment activities, membership is well worth it. As a pokies only venue, narrowing down the best online options is rather simple – opt for a casino that offers great games from different big names, with Mr Green being a casino that fits that particular bill perfectly.

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