Lasseters Alice Springs – Top Notch Pokies and Table Action

The Aussie outback may be known the world over for being somewhat desolate, but as we all know, there’s always plenty going on and it’s even home to one of the more impressive casinos that you could ever hope to happen across. While it is not a sprawling urban venue like players will be accustomed to in larger cities, Lasseters Hotel Casino in Alice Springs is always good value for a punt and still manages to make up part of a larger entertainment complex, just like many of its more illustrious counterparts around the country. It also benefits from the fact that Alice Springs attracts international visitors for more than just casino action, so while large brands have their sights set on high value players from around the globe, they are just a single part of the varied clientele that carry out their gaming here.

What to Expect at Lasseters Alice Springs

It says something about the size and quality of gaming establishments in Australia that while Lasseters by no means ranks up there as one of the largest, there is still more than 14,000 square feet of gaming action to be enjoyed. They use that space well to offer the classic combination of table games and pokies, with all of the newest and best known games from Aristocrat and Ainsworth represented across multiple cabinets. Locals are regular visitors and the inclusion of a hotel on the site means that it is well worth a visit for players that want to combine some epic scenery with equally epic gaming action.

Lasseters Alice Springs: The Best Bits

The games at any Aussie casino always seem like the ideal place to start and Lasseters is absolutely no different. We’ve already noted how the casino isn’t exactly up there when it comes to gaming space, but the way in which they have managed to make the best use of it to cram in so much action speaks volumes about how this casino operates. If you’re as big a fan of the pokies as we are then you’re guaranteed to be in for a treat, with more than three hundred cabinets throughout the casino. These aren’t old fashioned club titles either – you can sink your teeth into the latest progressive games from big names like Ainsworth, or try your hand at what could be better described as tried and tested Aristocrat favourites as part of the legends series.

Even if you’re more into traditional table based action, there’s no shortage here and the casino even manages to find space for a dedicated poker room. Of course, poker isn’t to everyone’s tastes so it certainly helps that there are plenty of blackjack and roulette tables, which are joined by baccarat Caribbean stud and many more.

Players at the casino are also more than welcome to join Club Lasseters, which has no registration fee and will bring plenty of additional perks and benefits to an already action packed casino visit. Indeed, the loyalty scheme is so good that we’d have to say that any player that passes up the opportunity to join is missing out on some great value. Points are earned on the pokies and gaming tables and can be redeemed against accommodation and entertainment and the scheme is tiered, just like the best online counterparts, ensuring that players can be treated like VIPs as they make their way up to the Silver and Gold status afforded by frequent or high value play. Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that players automatically receive a discount on all food and drink in the casino just by being a Lasseters Club member, so it definitely falls into the ‘might as well’ category!

Get the Experience Online

If you can’t make it to Alice Springs, or have fond memories of a visit to Lasseters and want to enjoy a similar experience in the comfort of your own home then allow us to draw your attention to the numerous virtues of playing online at All Slots. The comparisons between the two are numerous and, as in the section above, there is no better place to start than the games.

Lasseters may manage to cram in three hundred pokies in limited space, but All Slots is certainly not subject to any such restrictions. Indeed, there are more than five hundred individual pokies on offer at the casino, and the Microgaming software that is used features plenty of games that can be compared to Ainsworth and Aristocrat titles. Take Aristocrat’s Pompeii, for example. Our alternatives feature on that game recommends both Gladiator’s Gold and Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, both of which can be found among the All Slots selection. You’ll also find all of the table games offered by Lasseters in high quality online versions, making this the perfect match.

The same goes for the loyalty schemes too. At All Slots Casino you can enrol in their scheme from the moment you join – in fact it happens automatically – and you can once again earn points on all of your play. These points contribute to increased reward levels at the casino, with more perks as you make your way up, and while you can’t receive a discount on your restaurant bill as a member, you can turn these points back into straight cash which, in our opinion, is even better!

Summing it Up: Lasseters Alice Springs

Lasseters is a little gem of a casino in the outback and does everything that players could ever hope for when visiting a top class gaming establishment. The combination of games and rewards is up there with far bigger name venues and you won’t be disappointed. As far as online play goes, you won’t need to look any further than All Slots, which carries our highest recommendation and keeps pace with everything that Lasseters Hotel Casino has to offer, plus plenty more!

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