The Star Sydney – Overview and Gaming Action

Sydney is the suitable home to one of the greatest gaming environments and experiences that Australia has to offer and The Star is without doubt one of the most truly impressive casinos that you’re ever likely to see. It dominates the market of Australia’s largest city but certainly doesn’t stop there. It also ranks alongside gaming havens like Macau as one of the main places in the world to attract highly valuable Asian high rollers. This feature is all about exactly what makes Sydney’s Star such a special gaming experience, but as a primarily online focused site, we have by no means left things there. We’ve also broken down exactly what makes the casino such a special place and then sifted through all of the top online casinos in Australia to bring you what we feel are the most comparable experiences that you could ever hope to find, all without having to even leave the house! So, read on to see what this top class gaming brand has to offer.

What to Expect at The Star Sydney

The Star name doesn’t just apply to the casino in this particular case. Instead, the casino is the central hub of an entire entertainment complex that consistently proves to be one of the most impressive leisure destinations in all of Australia. We’re not even being biased when we say that the casino is at the centre of the action – that is literally the case and the rest of the entertainment emanates from that focal point, with everything from hotels to health clubs surrounding it. Within the casino walls, you can discover absolutely everything that you could ever hope to find in such a place, including a whole host of different games, such as pokies from big names like Aristocrat, not to mention international table game favourites and even a few hidden gems with a smaller but truly loyal following.

The Star Sydney: The Best Bits

A huge number of games and top notch service are generally a given at Australia’s biggest and best casinos, so with The Star we’ve decided to delve a little deeper into the overall experience in order to see what makes it truly special and the one part of the casino that is sure to catch any player’s eye is the Sovereign Room. This is where the big boys play and if you’ve got the kind of bankroll that will catch anyone’s attention then you too can be a part of the action. It is no secret that this room alone goes a long way to ensuring the casino’s popularity among the tourists that treat Sydney like a second home and it is truly one of the most luxurious, exclusive places in which to play the biggest and best games.

Of course, not every player can stretch their bankroll to the much vaunted Sovereign Room, but The Star leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to rewarding players of any level. Absolutely any player can join the Star Rewards scheme and it is certainly fair, as your exact rewards depend on your activity and, as you’d expect, the more you play, the better the rewards. As a fully-fledged entertainment complex, the Star benefits from being able to extend its rewards not only to the pokies and tables, but also to various restaurants, accommodation and much more, so you can be sure to be highly rewarded if your play is up to scratch!

The game selection at the casino also deserves a special mention as while it is not the largest, this element of the experience, like so many others, is all about quality. Other casinos may have more games, but few go to such lengths to ensure top class staff and croupiers, the introduction of the very latest releases as soon as they become available and much more to ensure that this venue is a true gaming paradise.

Get the Experience Online

The Star focuses on quality when it comes to casino gaming, so it is only fair that we do exactly the same when looking for a comparable online experience! Fortunately, we’re just as discerning as anyone when it comes to seeking out the very biggest and best places to play and you won’t find a single dud among any of our casino recommendations on the site. Nevertheless, here are a few things to look out for when making a choice.

You’ll certainly want plenty of pokies and the focus on introducing the newest releases as soon as possible is something that the Star specialises in. No developer has such an aggressive release schedule as Microgaming, with at least one new game every single month added to the top brands – the best of which are recommended right here on the site. You can also combine this with the fact that the best casinos will usually offer special promotions and bonuses that are genuinely exclusive to the new releases, so you can try something new and get even better rewards for doing so!

Speaking of rewards, the Star’s efforts to reward loyal players goes a long way to making them so popular. The good news in this regard is that you can combine your play with top extras whether you win or lose at the featured casinos here on the site. While most won’t offer complementary accommodation – and some actually do when you attend a special event – bonus cash can take a significant chunk out of the house edge at any time so it is always worth playing with an online casino that offers it!

Summing it Up: The Star Sydney

It would not be fair on the other top casinos in Australia to say that Sydney’s Star is the best of the lot, so we won’t – you can make that decision for yourself! However, an international reputation and some of the finest gaming facilities in the world do a cracking job of telling the whole story and that’s what you’ll want to be on the lookout for when choosing the right online casino for the equivalent experience. Our recommendations represent the best of the best so be sure to check them out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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